Oh what a night

The band (which includes me under a ridiculous pseudonym) had a unrepentant blast opening for freaking Eef Barzelay this past Thursday as the Cafe Montmartre in Madison.

Eef and company were awesome and liked how we matched up.

Special thanks to Ed Oliver who captured me losing control my chin.

Photo credit: Ed Oliver

And check out this fantastic lady…

Photo credit: Ed Oliver 

For more awesome pics, check out:


And if you were there and thought it was awesome (or if you weren’t there, but imagined it was) say something nice here:


We hope to be playing Madison again soon. Stay tuned.


Eef & Us


The band I’m in, Lion v. Fish, is opening for Eef Barzelay this Thursday at the Cafe Montmartre just off Capitol Square at 9pm. Eef is the brainfather of Clem Snide, a group that put out a bunch of great indie alt-country soul-tinged records with wry sensibility in the last 10 years. His latest record is as excellent as the Clem Snide material (“The Girls Don’t Care” may be my new songwriting guide). 

It is very exciting for us to be opening for him and his band.

9pm, August 7, 2008 at Cafe Montmartre
127 East Mifflin Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703
Cost : $10adv./$12 dos

Nobody is ever missing

More promotion for our show Saturday (beginning 9pm). And for the curious, here’s the poem the show might be named after…

Not too sure what it might mean, though, in the context of promoting the show. But the other bands sound great.

This Saturday in Chicago, the Lion Will Roar and the Fish Will…

This Saturday, Lion v. Fish makes their triumphant return Chicago’s Gallery Cabaret to celebrate Julie Jurgens’ birthday. All are welcome!
Miss Jackie and the Sass, Julie Jurgens, Lion v. Fish, The Columbines, True Historians
Saturday 10pm – August 2, 2008
Gallery Cabaret
2020 N. Oakley, Chicago, Illinois 60647
Cost : Birthday Wishes



Gird yourself for a hoot. True Historians, The Columbines, Lion v. Fish, Julie Jurgens (herself), and then Miss Jackie and the Sass will do their respective things for Julie’s birthday! Who will be the one to push Garrett over the edge? I think the pitchers of Lieny’s are still $4!

PS. Heads up to the Madisonians. We will also be opening for freaking Eef Barzelay (of Clem Snide!) in Madison on Thursday, August 7 at Cafe Montmartre. No joke.

We’re opening for Eef Barzelay. Seriously.

The band I’m in has been asked to open for Eef Barzelay (of Clem Snide) on Thursday, August 7 in Madison. The details:

Eef Barzelay, Lion v. Fish

August, 7 2008, 9pm at Cafe Montmartre
127 East Mifflin Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703
Cost : $10adv./$12 dos

I am very much a fan of Clem Snide since the very excellent Ghost of Fashion and news of his new solo workis solid. I will try to restrain myself from nerding out too hard. But I keep thinking that I’m like the Robert Ford to his Jesse James. We both love Al Green, we both have the same initials, and we both have an “out-of-left-field interest in the apocalyptic and the ways human folly and failure might influence it.” I hope I don’t shoot him in the back. Oh, brother. Come on down and see what happens.