www.StuffOnMyCat.com’s Moral Decline Confirmed

I recently tried to promote this wonderful and seemingly wholesome website, http://www.StuffOnMyCat.com, which devotes itself to the equation stuff+cats=awesome. However, I have since documented the appearance of some less-than-wholesome images. Not all stuff on cats, it seems, is awesome. Sometimes, it equals filthy depravity.

I had hoped that the site had just momentarily strayed from its family-friendly content. However, a recent post has confirmed that the website persists in perversion. This image of Kyle the cat was posted with the headline “Look who I met at the movie theater!


Explain that to the children.

C’mon, StuffOnMyCat! Clean your act up. Stick to bows on kittens or cats in baskets. This walk on the wild side is not appreciated.

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  1. Also having questionable cat content recently is http://www.obeythepurebreed.com — Socialist cat & dog propaganda!? No thanks, I’m sticking with cuteoverload for my cute fix from now on!

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