Bike to Work Week: Friday Morning

Damn. I forgot my pants.

I can manage a lot of outfits, but the bike shorts/oxford ensemble is a tough sell.

I’ve been forgetting to pack at least one item a day this week. Monday, it was socks. Tuesday, a belt. Wednesday, an undershirt. On Thursday, I finally managed to get it all together, but for my ascot. And now today, overconfident from Thursday’s success, I failed to doublecheck the most essential item.    

My much put-upon ladyfriend offered to drive me my pants, an offer I painfully accept, knowing full well it completely negates my attempt to reduce the carbon emissions I’m responsible for. Such is my reverence for proper workplace attire.

Oh oxfords and bike shorts, when will the world accept you together as business casual ?



  1. I’ve been fashionably sporting the oxford/bike shorts combo for several months now. I think us trendsetters — you being at the top of the list — can make this happen by the end of the calendar year. We just need one youngish male model/movie star to be our figurehead. Matt Damon? Or younger? Like Shia LaBeouf?

    We like Thao. They’re fashionably rowdy. Maybe they could be our trendsetters.

  2. Oh my celebrity-obsessed backwoods Ohioan, Thao is not a “they” but a “she”…as in Thao Nguyen (pronounced “towe win”). And I don’t think she’s partial to bike shorts or oxfords.

    We may do better to appeal to the CocoRosie sisters to take up our cause…who are accustomed to wearing things like football pads with bridal tiaras.

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